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Canvas crates


Curtains at all windows as simply to hide without Velcro.
Openings in the front, one long side and the ceiling.
Very sturdy mesh and zippers.
Carry bag with long handles, so the cage can be worn over the shoulder.
There are handles of the folded cage if you do not want to use the supplied carrying case.
2 bags for storage available on the cage, one is sewn on the roof and the second detachable on the short side.
Soft cushion included.

Available only in purple / black

L 60 x 42 x 42, 495 SEK
XL 82 x 59 x 59, 595 SEK
XXL 92 x 64 x 64, 695 SEK
XXXL 102 x 69 x 69, 795 SEK

NOTE! If the fabric of the cage for some reason gets destroyed you can buy new fabric cover to the metal site instead of buying a brand new cage!


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