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The Hilmer bed

Due to more expensive manufacturing costs (now manufactured in Sweden), we have to increase the price to SEK 850 for XL and to SEK 800 for L.

The Hilmer bed
Hilmer bed is our own design and has become very popular with dog owners, breeders and boarding kennels. A big dog bed for very good price!

It is made of profiled and has a strong, very durable and hard wearing garments of woven fiberglass fabric. Stitches in the fabric can not be split up if the dog pawing/beds in bed, since they are welded together.

Ideal also on dog runs as they can withstand all weather conditions. Easy to clean under the bed thanks to its height. Very easy to clean as it can be scrubbed clean and then rinsed off. Ideal for dogs that need to unload the spine and joints, since it molds to your dog. Prevents pressure sores on elbows. The bed has no sharp edges. Very easy to assemble.

We make no warranty if any puppy/dog comes to the idea of biting on the cover, but a good tip to avoid it is to brush someTabasco on the edges. Usually helps! IF any cover is damaged, there are new to buy.

Sizes: (length-width-height)
L – 93 x 63 x 26 cm Price: 800 SEK
XL – 110 x 90 x 26 cm Price: 850 SEK

New cover to size L Price: 200 SEK
New cover to size XL
Price: 250 SEK

When buying 5 beds or more, even mixed sizes, 10% discount.

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