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Instructions to use Dry Coats

Immediately after the bath I blow the tail and croup dry so the dog will not get water tail so easily.

After that I am carding the coat flat.

Time to pull on the dry coat.
Sometimes you have to pull the dry coat quite hard over the dogs head, it is important that they do not shake so hair curles to them after you carded it flat.
This is how it looks the first time, before you have cut holes for the ears.
At the top of the ear you cut a small hole...

... which you then drag and makes it bigger.

The ear should then be in there - important that the hole is not too small so that the ear receives proper place. Risk of blood ear if it gets too crowded.


Now, wait 2-3 hours before the last blow dry of the dogs hair.
After the dog has been blow dried to completely dry, you put on the silk coat.

Looks good, doesn't it? The coat is then highly polished and smooth the day after when it's "showtime"!

Instructions written by Helene Björkman, kennel Barecho
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